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I’m Christine Higgins, the chief cook and bottle washer here at Inspired Storm. I'm also a teacher, mother, humanitarian and lover-of-life, devoted to delivering revolutionary well-being programs for parents, teens, and young adults — so you can be genuinely you and live full-on with happiness, mental clarity, and ease.

Christine brings a cheerful, calm, steady presence to everything she does. In individual and group settings, she listens thoughtfully, asks insightful questions, and conveys support and encouragement. She keeps her “eyes on the prize” and consistently directs group conversations in a productive and meaningful direction. Talking and working with her is a joy, and I come away feeling centered and inspired.
— Janet, Newton, MA
I highly recommend this course [Living Your Full Color Life] to everyone. It’s life changing.

After taking some private sessions with Sharon I was looking to connect with a group of like minded students. At first I wasn’t sure the online format would work for me, but it was fine. More than fine - actually, amazing!

Sharon and Christine are terrific teachers and made everyone feel welcome and facilitated sharing in a way that made us feel like we were all in the same room from around the world. I look forward to more teachings, as well as, insights, wisdom and love from fellow students on this journey.
— Ruth McGorty, Martha's Vineyard, MA

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