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How to not take others' opinions personally.

communication expectations inner peace relationships Jul 09, 2023
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"Don't care what others think!" is popular motivational rhetoric. But the fact is you're a human being. You want to feel connected. And in order to create that connection, you must care what other people think.


The problem arises not from caring what others think but from taking those opinions personally and presuming it means something about you. The truth is that a person's opinion is a generous window into their world — into their beliefs, what makes them tick, and the lens they look through.


As soon as you grasp that truth, you become free to be yourself, and the people around you also become free to be themselves. You will naturally connect more deeply.


Instead of being offended by another person, you can get curious about their world and strive to understand it better. You can learn how and why they have come to experience the world the way they do.


Instead of holding yourself back because you're afraid of what others may think, you can go forward confidently to pursue an authentic, uninhibited life. You can understand others' opinions are not mirrors that reflect who you are. Rather they are virtual reality headsets that allow you to imagine another way the world could look... and nothing more.



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