10 Fun Facts About Me

Me & my kiddos in 2015. One of my favorite pics :)

- 1 -

While I started my professional career in engineering and the sciences, I've been drawn to helping people since I was a child.  In 2005 I began a fashion consulting business because I thought if people looked better then they’d feel better.  You’ll laugh at this once you've attended one of my classes!  Knowing now where happiness comes from (hint - it’s an inside job) I offer a discount to my past fashion clients for innocently leading them astray.  Bonus: they can now feel good and have clothes that look awesome 😉

- 2 -

Many, many years ago, at the age of 16, I spent 6-weeks backpacking around Australian all on my own.  One of my adventures in the Outback ended with me riding a camel to dinner.  (It’s quite the coming of age story, a 24-hour comedy of errors, feel free to ask me about it sometime.)  

- 3 -

In 2008 I started homeschooling my children so we could be free to travel and not tied to the school calendar.  I get so many questions about homeschooling that I’m creating an entire section for it here on my website in the resources section (coming soon!).

- 4 -

If I had to choose a spirit animal from Kung Fu Panda, I’d have a hard time choosing between Po (the Panda) and Tigress.  I can totally relate to wanting to sit around eating dumplings all day…why walk when you can roll!…and wanting things to be orderly and directed.  Luckily, I don’t have to choose — like you, I can be anything at anytime!

- 5 -

Swimming is one of my all time favorite activities.  I skipped trying out for the swim team in school because I thought I was too fat to wear a bathing suit in front of everyone.  Looking back at old pictures I have NO idea what I was thinking.  I wish I were that thin now! Just goes to show that what we think is not always THE truth.

- 6 -

My favorite breakfast, the dish my family makes for me on Mother’s Day, is biscuits and gravy.  Sadly, breakfast is not much of a “thing” here in Massachusetts.  Where I grew up we’d meet friends out for breakfast, not brunch, and biscuits and gravy was always on the menu. 

- 7 -

As a child, and even through my early college years, I said that I was NEVER going to get married, or have kids. In 2000 I got married and in 2003 I had my first child - I’m still married, and now I have two children!  So I’ve learned to never say never… because one thing I DO know is that I NEVER know when my mind will change. 🙂 But I’m quite grateful that it does, because then I'm not stuck with old ideas!

- 8 -

If I had a time machine I would go back to the year in high school when my parents got divorced.  I would bring back what I now know and teach it to them.  Not for my own sake, but for theirs.  The divorce was fine for me, it made sense, but they were both miserable and felt like failures.  I love them so much - I wish I could make this my gift to them for everything they’ve ever done for me.

- 9 -

There are 3 pieces of art hanging in my living room.

  • A photo I took inside a bombed church while doing relief work during the Bosnian war.

  • A map of the United States with all of our family road trips highlighted and pinned.

  • And a printed quote from St. Therese, it reads...

May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

- 10 -

While St. Therese was Catholic, I myself was raised, in my very early years, as a Seventh Day Adventist.  We left the church when I was in elementary school and I have not belonged to any religious organization since.  But as a lover of nature and people, I can't help holding with awe and wonder the existence, order, beauty, complexity, vastness, mystery, and diversity of this universe we inhabit. I’m glad to be here with you.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little and my fingers are crossed that I get the opportunity to meet you soon too!  Join me at an upcoming event, we'll have fun and discover something new in the process.


A little video about why I do what I do.


Press Bio

Christine Higgins is a writer, teacher, consultant, and certified IHEART facilitator who helps people realize the power and intelligent design of the mind; this understanding infuses her students with an unparalleled mental freedom, clarity, and ease. She delivers programs and workshops to parents and teens as well as customized training, mentoring, and consulting services for groups and private organizations.  With a background in engineering and the arts, the corporate world and the not-for-profit world, she moves easily between the practical and the heartfelt.

I am a strong, independent, confident, happy, single woman, but when I get in relationships I become insecure and needy. I was in that insecure, needy place recently when I turned to Christine for clarity. Within a 30 minute conversation, with a few direct questions, she was able to guide me back to a place of empowerment, peace and joy.
— Carol R., Ohio



Lana Bastianutti:  As a lifelong learner and explorer of life, Lana believes that any transformation begins on the inside. As a coach, she has the uncanny ability to dig deep and help her clients uncover life-changing realizations...as well as finding and appreciating the humor in almost any situation.

Lana is the mother of two teenaged girls and wife of 25 years (and counting!) She holds a degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Industrial Relations. She obtained her coaching certification from Concordia University and the Brooke Castillo Life Coach School.  Lana gained additional coaching accreditation from The Robbins-Madanes Center founded by personal development expert Tony Robbins and world-renowned psychotherapist, Cloe Madanes.


Lori Carpenos: Lori has been a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice since 1994.  She provides her clients with an understanding of the Principles and loves watching them transform -- from having a simple insight into having an understanding of the nature of human experience -- she gets to witness the marvelous effect of a simple understanding about how thought works. The effect this understanding has on relationship is remarkable!

In addition to her private practice, Lori is also a consultant, facilitator, and author.


Linda Pritcher: Linda works with individuals and business leaders to realize the profound influence their inner horizon and state of mind have on their performance and success in the world.

As a consultant and coach she combines a background as an entrepreneur, artist and designer with her coaching expertise to help leaders, entrepreneurs and difference makers of all stripes perform at their best, with the sustained high quality thinking, clarity and resilience needed to create, innovate and lead.

After a career as a designer and business builder she shifted her work from making products to making a difference in the world as a consultant, certified Supercoach, speaker and workshop leader. She brings an understanding of the psychological principles behind insight, clarity and high performance into the world of work, facilitating the powerful potential in humans for breakthrough thinking and problem solving needed for business success.


Sharon Strimling: Sharon has spent 25 years running businesses in the health and wellness industry, from therapeutic massage and fitness to integrative nutrition, coaching and yoga.  All of her work, no matter the modality, has been imbued with an understanding of the mind she feels profoundly thankful to have come across in the 1990s.  It is to this foundation that she attributes much of her own and her clients’ success in lasting wellness.  Sharon now dedicates herself full time to mentoring and training people in this understanding, so that they too can experience widespread, meaningful, and lasting results.


Jill Whalen: Jill is a blogger, author, mentor and coach.  She loves to help others uncover their natural well-being and happiness so that they can operate from a clearer state of mind. She provides one-on-one mentoring to individuals, coaches, small business owners, leaders, groups and organizations. She also teaches workshops and seminars on topics such as relationships, stress, anxiety, and effortless success through passion power and is a mentor within the "Primal Happiness Thrive Community" and a faculty member of "Three Principles Supermind."

This course exceeded my expectations! I took it to hear the principles spoken through a different voice, and to make new connections. But I ended up growing and developing in new ways through this course. I did make new, close connections — but also a closer connection with myself. My compassion has grown, my connection is stronger, and my fears have dissipated.

I didn’t do anything in particular, just showed up, hung around, contributed a bit, and listened — truly listened beyond the words to the essence of the people sharing.

I’ve grown up around so much hate, fear, and exclusion, and yet within this group I felt so much love and inclusion.The greatest gift was to see that that is within people, and that helped me shed the armor that I held onto to protect myself from something I completely made up. With that experience, I can help others see that within themselves, and help them to do the same.

There is so much hope for the world as this understanding continues to spread.

I would definitely recommend this training. As I see it, this understanding is the cure to eradicate violence, pain, suffering, and mental illness.
— Sophia Katerinis, Principles Coach & Pilates Instructor, London, UK