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From The Black Hills, South Dakota (Part 2)...

How are you? We’re already in Montana on a ranch! But before I tell you about that, I want to show you some more things from South Dakota. I hope that’s okay!

The Black Hills, where Custer State Park is, have some really twisty-turny roads with steep edges. And tunnels that we barely fit through!

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From Minneapolis, Minnesota (Sunday) ...

Are you ready to hear about a totally cool arcade and mini golf place?

We went on Sunday, but before our big outing we needed to make sure no one would get hangry. We walked over to the farmer’s market and bought bacon, eggs, bread, jam (with cherries, black pepper and basil in it — it was good!), and some of these mushrooms. Don’t they look like flowers, or coral?

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From Minneapolis, Minnesota (Saturday) ...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I did! And I’m so excited to tell you about it:

A giant lightning and thunderstorm woke me up on Saturday. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I decided to get out of bed and write to you. I was in the middle of typing when “BANG!” It sounded like a tree had exploded in the backyard, and then all the lights (and the internet) went out.

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From Madison, Wisconsin...

Remember how yesterday I said we didn’t have our day planned yet?… We were just going to see what happened and be surprised. It worked out so well; we had an amazing time!

If you had said to me, “Chris, you’re going to end up in a golden Thai Pavilion in Madison, Wisconsin” I would have laughed and said, “Lizzie, Sebbie, and Emma, you are great kids, awesome actually, but you are being crazy pants! What kind of candy have you been eating that gives you such silly ideas?!?”

But you know what? That’s exactly what happened!!! Let me tell you the story

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From Chicago, Illinois (Day 5) ...

Wow, I have a lot to share with you today! Yesterday, after we picked up Eric from the airport, we went back to the Shedd Aquarium. Skye wanted to show her daddy all the cool things we’d seen.

At first I wasn’t excited to go there again; we’d already spent most of Saturday there and it meant we wouldn’t be going on the architecture tour I was interested in. But now I’m glad we went with her idea. I didn’t realize how many things we hadn’t seen. And as luck would have it, there was a special event called Jazz at the Shedd, so the museum was open until 10 o’clock at night! (We only stayed until 7:30 though.)

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From Chicago, Illinois (Day 4) ...

We ended up not going anywhere exciting on Monday. Sometimes when you’re traveling for two months you have to take time to get work done. So Monday we did emails, laundry, and went grocery shopping.

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Science & Industry. It was one of my favorite museums when I was your age. I remember this fairy tale doll house from all the way back then, I was excited to see they still have it on display! It’s designed exactly to scale for a 5” tall doll. It was made for a very wealthy family. The tiny books are actually printed, you can read them!

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From Chicago, Illinois (Day 2) ...

We had another day in downtown Chicago yesterday. This time we visited the Shedd Aquarium. It’s one of the best aquariums in the United States and there was so much to see: dolphins, beluga whales, otters, sharks, turtles, snakes, eels, sea lions, parrots, rays, giant clams, and a ton of fish! There was even a baby beluga whale, called a calf — it was 5 feet long when it was born!

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From Chicago, Illinois (Day 1) ...

Dear Emma, Sebbie, and Lizzie, (Your dad told me you use an “ie.” I’m glad to know that!)

Skye and I arrive in Chicago on Friday night after a long day of driving. We left our hotel in Madison, Ohio at 9 o’clock in the morning and arrived at my uncle’s house at 7:30 at night.

If you count, that’s 10 1/2 hours. But it actually took us 11 1/2! Isn’t that strange?!? How is that possible?

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From Madison, Ohio...

Dear Emma, Sebbie, & Lizzy (Or do you spell it Lizzie? Notice how I used an ampersand? 😊)

It was great having dinner with you on Wednesday! I hope you were able to go to sleep easily afterwards.

I promised to keep you updated about our trip. Yesterday we were at The Strong museum in Rochester... but you know all about that place. After the museum closed at 5 o’clock we started our drive west.

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