From The Black Hills, South Dakota (Part 2)...

Hi Emma, Sebbie, and Lizzie!

How are you? We’re already in Montana on a ranch! But before I tell you about that, I want to show you some more things from South Dakota. I hope that’s okay!

The Black Hills, where Custer State Park is, have some really twisty-turny roads with steep edges and tunnels we barely fit through!

Remember how I told you that we were near Mount Rushmore? Here’s a video from the Iron Mountain Road; when you come out of the tunnel you can see the faces of Mount Rushmore. (You might need to zoom in to see them on the video.)

There were many motorcyclists enjoying these roads! It made me think of your daddy. There’s a huge motorcycle rally, called Sturgis, that starts today. It’s very near Custer State Park, so there were hundreds of motorcycles everywhere we went!

On this drive we were headed to the town of Keystone for breakfast. Guess what we ended up ordering?


…gelato and coffee! How crazy is that?

We then went to a rock shop because Skye is in love with rocks. I have to say, this place had some really cool stuff!


One of the other roads we took was called the Needles Highway. Here’s a tunnel that’s just over 8-feet wide; it’s called the Needles Eye Tunnel:

We took the Needles Highway to get to Sylvan Lake — look at how beautiful it is!


We went swimming and hiking. There were some cool places where we walked between and through the rocks:

Can you see where the stream is coming out? We followed it under the rocks.


The kids loved climbing on the rocks too.


Check out this picnic table by the water:


I wish we’d brought a picnic! Picnics are my most favorite of favorites! I think food tastes better when it’s a picnic. Sometimes, in the winter, I'll even make picnics to eat on the floor of the living room in front of our fireplace. Do you like picnics?

Next time I write I’ll tell you all about the prairie dog town we went to. Do you notice that we visit a lot of animals? Skye loves animals, that’s why we’re always on the look out for them.

In fact, on the drive home from the lake, we saw these bighorn sheep in the road! Maybe the animals are looking for us?


I’ll write again soon!

Bear Hugs and Unicorn Kisses,