From Wisconsin Dells...

Dear Emma, Sebbie, and Lizzie,

Holy cow, I wish you could have been with us on Friday! I think you would have LOVED it!

We went to the Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin Dells. Their website says they have over 400 animals and I believe it! To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start.

I guess here are the first animals —us! We began our tour with a little train ride around the Grasslands area of the park.


We bought this container called a “lunchbox” and it showed us which animals we could feed and what they were allowed to eat.


We first got to feed the kudus, which are a type of antelope from Africa. They came right up to us ready to eat our carrots. I think they’ve done this before… what do you think?

Halfway through the park, the train stopped for us to feed the camels and the giraffe. I didn’t know camels growled, did you? They would growl at each other when they were pushing to get food.

And check out the tongue on this guy!! Do you see that it’s blue?! Giraffes are so weird. (And cool at the same time.)

At the end of the train ride was a platform for feeding the ostriches. Their beaks look pretty sharp, and they were not shy about taking food from us, so the park had little shovels for feeding them. I think these shovels have saved many fingers from being eaten!!

After our train ride we went to the nursery where all the babies and animals who need special care live. There was a baby zebra; he looked so sad. I think maybe he was missing his mama.

baby zebra.jpg

And there was a joey, which is what a baby kangaroo is called. Skye got to hold it. I think this was the best part of her year so far!! Doesn’t she look happy?

baby kangaroo1.jpg
baby kangaroo2.jpg

There was a Fennec Fox in the nursery too. Have you seen one, or pictures of one before? They have the most amazing, gigantic, totally over-sized, almost elephant-like ears. But boy are they cute!

fennec fox.jpg

From the nursery we went and watched the animal show. We saw a tortoise, an anteater, a ball python, and a skunk.

They let us pet the snake and the skunk after the show. Don’t worry! The scent glands on the skunk had been removed. Her name was Sweat Pea. I thought she was pretty darn cute!

sweet pea.jpg
petting sweet pea.jpg
petting snake.jpg

When we were done with them we had even more animals to feed; the pygmy goats and a tiny cow. The goats were ridiculously cute!

pygmy goats.jpg

Okay, here’s a question for you: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside of a giant birdcage with a bunch of birds? I’d never wondered that, but that’s what we did!!

It was called the Parakeet Encounter and we went in a special room with about 200 parakeets!

bird skye shoulder.jpg
two birds.jpg

A lot of the birds liked to nibble on Eric’s neck. I think they were licking his sweat because it tasted salty. Ewww gross!!

In the afternoon we headed for the shade and the Woodlands area of the park. There was some crazy stuff back there!!

Like this rare white emu. Supposedly, there are only 30 of them in the United States and this wildlife park owns 10 of them. This one was not very nice. It tried to bite Skye when she was taking a picture. Thank goodness for the fence!

white emu.jpg

This next animal made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. It’s an alpaca with it’s fur shaved for summer. Alpaca fur is used to make sweaters, hats, blankets, and all sorts of other warm, soft things. But I’ve never actually seen one shaved. He looks so naked; I wanted to give him a scarf to cover up with.


We did find one animal that wasn’t alive… in the gift shop.

Sloth stuffed animal.jpg

I was glad we didn't have enough space in the car for such a big stuffed animal, that way Skye couldn’t even ask for it!

After the wildlife park we found this really fun restaurant for lunch. It’s called…


It’s a build your own pizza bar. You walk down the counter and tell them which toppings you want.

pizza toppings.jpg

They put on as many toppings as you’d like, and then bake the pizza for you right then. Have you been to a place like this before? It was my first time and I really liked it. I enjoyed being able to see everything and make up crazy combinations.

With full bellies and tired feet we started our three-hour drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

feet on dash.jpg

We had one little problem though; this is how full our car is…

back of car.jpg

And we had to pick up Dylan AND his luggage from the airport in Minneapolis. We ended up borrowing my brother-in-law's car to go get him; by Tuesday morning, when we leave here, we’ll have to have some place to put Dylan and his stuff. Hmm, this should be interesting! I'll let you know how we solve this one.

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday, we were without power for almost the entire day. But I’ll tell you that story in my next letter.

Bear Hugs and Unicorn Kisses,