From Minneapolis, Minnesota (Sunday) ...

Dear Emma, Sebbie, and Lizzie,

Are you ready to hear about a totally cool arcade and mini golf place?

We went on Sunday, but before our big outing we needed to make sure no one would get hangry. We walked over to the farmer’s market and bought bacon, eggs, bread, jam (with cherries, black pepper and basil in it — it was good!), and some of these mushrooms. Don’t they look like flowers, or coral? They were delicious in our eggs.


Once everyone was fed, we drove to a place called Can Can Wonderland. The outside of the building looked like nothing but a big ol’ warehouse. And then there was this huge red arrow pointing to the door; it had the words “Secret Entrance” written on it.


I don’t think that’s a very good way to keep a secret; do you? But I have to say, it made me curious!

We went through the door and into a plain white hallway with a cement floor, then followed these signs:

They led us down two flights of stairs, like a fire escape route, into this wild, magical place with video games! Check it out...


When it was our turn to golf we had to find this neon sign and go through another door. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Maybe that’s where they got the name Can Can Wonderland!


Each hole was designed by a different artist. The first one had a ferris wheel that takes your ball from the starting level, up to a platform and then it rolls down a ramp. Here’s Dylan going for it:

Then there was this hole with the sawmill. A lot of the holes were like Rube Goldberg machines. Do know what that is? If not, ask your parents, they’ll tell you all about them. Maybe you could even build one yourself!?

There was a massive lava pit on another — luckily we all survived!


This hole was like golfing in a living room. The cup was actually under the couch!

Two sports I never considered mixing are golf and baseball; clearly, the person who designed this hole has a bigger imagination than I do!

You put your golf ball on the T and then swing for it. If you get it in the “Home Run Box” you’re done, otherwise you grab your putter and finish the way you normally would with mini golf. Crazy, eh?!

This next section is really for your dad. Emma, make sure he’s listening. Upstairs from the Can Can Wonderland was a brewery. I don’t know how it is in Rochester, but the rules in Minneapolis are VERY different from our rules in Massachusetts.

The breweries in Minneapolis are not allowed to serve food, but most people want some food to go with their beer. To make it work for everyone they allow you to bring in your own food — even food from home! You can bring your own turkey sandwich and then buy a beer. This blew my mind!

We hadn’t brought any food along, but there were food trucks outside. We bought some wood oven pizza and settled in. I never drink beer because I don’t like the flavor, but since traveling is a good time for trying new things I ordered a mango-strawberry flavored one that I thought I might like. It was okay; I finished half of it.


While we’re talking about food, Sebbie, you’ll be glad to know that you can get ketchup on your hot dogs in this city. Tater tots are very popular too!

As you can imagine, we were tired after all that fun and food. We took a little quiet resting time at home, then walked to a nearby lake for an evening swim.


There were actually two lakes. We went to Lake Harriet, but I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you can guess (no googling) the name of the lake next door. Any takers?







Ok, here’s the answer: “Bde Maka Ska” and nope, I didn’t spell it incorrectly. Take a look at the map.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.22.21 PM.png

By the way Lizzie, how are your swim lessons going? I probably told you that swimming is one of my most favorite things to do. Now here’s the funny thing, swimming in lakes, where I can’t see the bottom, scares me. But I do it anyway! I enjoy swimming so much that I do it even when I’m afraid. Do you have anything you do even though it scares you? I know some people feel that way about rollercoasters.

We walked back home through the rose gardens.


Roses are my second favorite flower, right after frangipani. I had never seen this coloring on a rose before. To me, it looks like candy.


Back home we ate more farmer’s market food, then went to bed happy and worn out.


That’s one of my favorite feelings: happy sleepy.

I’ll write again soon :)

Bear Hugs and Unicorn Kisses,