From Minneapolis, Minnesota (Saturday) ...

Dear Emma, Sebbie, and Lizzie,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I did! And I’m so excited to tell you about it:

A giant lightning and thunderstorm woke me up on Saturday. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I decided to get out of bed and write to you. I was in the middle of typing when “BANG!” It sounded like a tree had exploded in the backyard, and then all the lights (and the internet) went out.

(To be honest, I’ve never actually heard a tree explode, but I imagine it would be loud and scary.)

Since we didn’t have electricity, we decided to walk to a bakery, called Patisserie 46, for breakfast.

I love walking in the rain! Do you? Look at this adorable Fairy Village we passed on the way. It was in someone’s yard and the sign said “Nora’s Fairy Village,” so I’m guessing it was built by Nora. But I suppose Nora could be the name of the fairy that lives there. What do you think?


I’m guessing you’re not as interested in food as I am, but I have to show you what they had at this restaurant:


After breakfast we headed to the Bell Museum of Natural History. We went through an exhibit that started with the beginning of the universe, which scientists call “The Big Bang.” Have you heard of that?

Everything that we know of evolved from particles thrown into the universe during the Big Bang. The exhibit walked us through the whole thing.

Below are a couple of the exhibits teaching us about evolution. I thought the round table showing a video was neat.


We continued to travel through time until we arrived at the present and learned about the flora and fauna of Minnesota. Did you know that flora is the Latin name for plant and fauna is the Latin name for animal?

This museum has some beautiful dioramas! Have you ever made a diorama? Here’s a model of the wolf diorama at the museum. This model was made all the way back in 1940 when they were planning what to do!


And here’s the actual diorama:


It looks real doesn’t it?! A lot of their dioramas had hide and seek things. Can you find the deer in the picture below?

Here’s another one; can you find all six of the Wood Duck’s Ducklings?

This is what it looked like outside of the museum; the kids had a good time watching the dragonflies.


For dinner we went out for Mexican food. I ADORE Mexican food and it’s hard to get in Boston. I had something called Poblano Mole (you pronounce that “Mole-Ay”.) Mole is a chocolate sauce, but it’s not sweet! This one was a little spicy because it was flavored with poblano peppers. The sauce was poured over chicken; it was tasty!

We ordered fancy drinks too :-)


My niece’s drink came with an umbrella in it. I was jealous. Drinks always taste better when they come with umbrellas; don’t they? I even keep a box of drink umbrellas in my kitchen so I can use one anytime.

In our family, when we’ve had a nice time, or a nice meal, we say “I am satisfied with my care.” Have you seen the movie Big Hero 6? That’s where that line came from.

After our fun day out, we were all satisfied with our care :-)

And in case you were wondering, the electricity came back on twenty minutes after we arrived home. Yay!

I can’t wait to tell you about Sunday in Minneapolis, I think you’re going to beg your parents to bring you here after you see what kind of mini golf they have!

I’ll write again soon.

Bear Hugs & Unicorn Kisses,


P.S. I almost forgot! I told you that we had to pick up Dylan from the airport, right? He just spent the last 4 weeks in Germany. Look at all the chocolate he brought back! Can you imagine?!


He also got to go hiking in the Alps with a professional mountain climber. Lucky, eh? Here’s a picture from his hike; I thought it was gorgeous!