In my work, I concentrate my efforts on people's mental well-being because of the profound impact it has on a person’s ability to thrive.  While this will always be the focus of what I do, life is multi-faceted and there are many places that inspiration blooms.  This resources page is a collection of content I've created that I hope you'll find useful.  It touches on mind, body, spirit, as well as entertainment, efficiency, and "wow, that's cool!" kind of stuff.  If you find something you love, please pass it on to someone else that you think would appreciate it too.  Thank you!


Being able to learn and grow our skills and mental capacity is a great gift. To me, discovering new things, being able to study what those before me have created and then embrace and/or build upon it is a joy. This is simply a place for me to share with you things I have found on my journey.


It is a common belief that a healthy physical body leads to a mental inner peace.  While certainly an ill body can bring us pain and discomfort, we do well to understand that we can have our mental well-being while simultaneously experiencing physical difficulties.  In fact, we fare far better in physically challenging situations when our mental space is clear.  At the same time, it is the physical body that allows us to go out and explore the world, to interact with others, and to create.  Caring for our our bodies simply makes sense.  Here are some resources for work, play, and nourishment.


I like to call this section Resource Management.  There are resources we are responsible for managing in our lives everyday: time, money, and natural resources.  The common dialog would suggest that the more of these resources we have, the happier we will be. The number of wealthy celebrities taking their own lives would suggest immediately that this is not true.  The funny ironic thing is that the more we are mentally thriving, the more easily we are able to manage the resources we have and create the abundance we thought we needed to find happiness.