Welcome! On this page you’ll find articles I hope are helpful, entertaining, and maybe even eye opening. While this page is set up like a blog, I don’t think of that way. Except for my current travels, I don’t update this section with “what I’m up to” or “what’s new for me this week.” Rather, this is a collection of articles I’ve written which are intended to be useful resources.

I started fresh on Valentine’s Day, 2019 with the idea of writing down wisdom I wish I could have given to my 21 year old self. If you like what you see here, you can subscribe to my email list and every week you’ll receive something new to chew on.



I love to travel and take my kids to new places. We tend to do a lot of road trips because it allows us to camp, and I LOVE camping! (Or more accurately, I LOVE glamping!)

This section of my website is very new. I began it in July, 2019 when my family and I set off on a 7 1/2 week road trip from Boston, Massachusetts, to the San Juan Islands in Washington state. My friend’s kids were interested in what we were doing, so I started emailing them regularly with updates. Soon, other people wanted in, so I started posting my emails here.

I hope you find something fun, educational, or inspiring — bon voyage!


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