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At the root of everything, behind the curtains, under the doubt, there is always love. It’s ready to drift to the surface if given half a chance. It’s the very fabric from which we are woven.

Love is patient. With self-love comes patience. Contrary to how it may look, patience is not grown out of love for others. How many parents are impatient with their children whom they love dearly? With self-love comes safety. Self-love is wholeness. Self-love is calm, forgiving, gentle, and quiet. Self-love is patient with whatever and whoever comes along.

Love is kind. Love expands beyond the confines of the flesh, beyond the confines of wanting, beyond the confines of needing. Love that is limitless in nature is always a guide for action rooted in kindness. People are touched by stories of compassion because they speak to the built-in, expansive love that is the essence of life itself.

Love does not envy. The green eyes of jealousy grow bright in the shadows: jealousy over a friend’s raise, jealousy from a romantic partner glancing elsewhere, jealousy over someone else’s holiday, jealousy because you were not chosen and on and on the list goes. These jealous eyes cannot stay open in the presence of love’s vibrancy. Infinite love only wants for the other person what they want for themselves. Support and understanding are all that exist when love's pull eclipses envy’s upset.

Love does not boast. Boasting is the job of insecurity. One does not need to build themselves up, impress others, or receive commendation when all that they are, and all that they need, is cradled securely inside. Love swaddles and protects, therefore banishing the hostility and torment of insecurity.

Love is not proud. Love is universal: how can one be proud when they are woven from the same fibers as everyone else? Through the lens of love, all are equal, all are precious, all are worthy. There is no need to seek out differences because this is the space where you and I dissolve into us.

Love always trusts. Love sees that without exception, each person does the best they can given the world created by the lens they’re looking through. Trust is born from this place of understanding: trust in the world, trust in people, trust in the unknown.

Love always hopes. Love is the fuel for hope's flames, and these flames are the light that carry people and propel them forward in their darkest hours. As long as there is hope, there is light, and hope cannot be lost where love resides.

Love always perseveres. It is not possible to run out of something that is infinite. A person who can still find the smallest spark of love within themselves may get knocked down 1,000 times, but will always stand back up 1,001 times. It is this love that pulls parents from their beds at 3:00am to check on a crying baby. It is this love that allows a husband to remind his ailing wife who he is for the 50th time in one day. It is this love that bolsters great leaders so they can inspire others forward when the path looks impossible.

It is this love that can be given freely without ever being in danger of running out of it for oneself.

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