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Time's Forked Tongue

It’s easy to get caught in the hamster wheel of life; running faster and faster just to stay standing. I think everyone falls prey at some point. Here’s a poem about my experience:

Close up of a snake's head. Snake is brown with bright blue eyes.

Time, with its forked tongue, hissed in my ear, Run, run faster

You are behind You are behind everyone else You are behind your dreams You will never catch up, they are too far off

You are useless and insignificant You don't have what it takes You slow lazy bastard, life will pass you by You will miss it all because you couldn't keep pace

It wrapped its serpentine body around my throat and squeezed A little at first and then a bit more Each of my breaths more painful than the one before

Again in my ear, You who chases dreams How dare you!

Dreams are for people who know how to push Who know how to play the game Who know how to hustle

You are powerless I will crush you where you stand Tomorrow is already gone, see?

Look what little distance you've crossed in your years Who's fault? Your fault.

Tick tock Tick tock You will never beat this clock.

*Above photo by Jan Kopřiva
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