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Newborn Stars

I am the temple goddess Inhabiting my heart throne The chalice of life resting between my fingers

Infinite and pulsing this dwelling is not for me alone

My portico is grand, welcoming all to its columned benches With wine and warmth on offer Souls find comfort here

Just beyond rests the inner courtyard, reserved for distinguished guests Their feet I bathe in golden milk and brush their brows with tender lips

Mother Earth herself frequents here with chickadees and trees Embracing, we wonder majestic

Beyond the walls, past the fallen logs and through the secret garden Lies the graced gateway of my sanctuary

Only gods may enter here, no swords or armor on parade

Robed in light, the key to your shrine in hand You follow the dew kissed maiden silk Through the open doors and into the infinite blue

My cheek, your chest Hands clasping Ground trembling Angels keeping Time departing Kneeling

We kneel before each other Heads bowed, eyes bright Inhale Exhale Our lips hold a prayer Light dancing through Waves lifting up

Securely swaddled by the night sky Alone, together, inhaling the caress of newborn stars

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