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How predictable was your year?

I’m often writing about how bad people are at predicting the future, and yet most of us spend an incredible amount of time worrying about, hypothesizing on, and trying to swim against the current of life’s unfolding.

This phenomenon is one of my favorite topics because life becomes so much easier when people see they will be okay, even though they can't control other people, future events, or how they’ll actual feel about these things. Fear of the unknown is probably the greatest source of people feeling stuck.

While many people at this time of year will have been looking at how many things they've checked off the 2019 list, and how many to add to the 2020 list, I’m enjoying looking at how I thought my year was going to go versus how it turned out.

  1. I thought I was going to be done, or at least almost done, writing my parenting book by now. Instead, I took writing classes and started this blog as a way to practice and made very little real progress on the book.

  2. I thought I was going to offer a lot of teen and youth programs. I actually didn't offer any and am now offering a mind-body wellness class and currently creating a “get organized" class.

  3. I thought I was going to post to social media; I didn’t — maybe this year.

  4. I thought I was going to make an online video course with a colleague of mine. Instead we started a whole new business. (I’ll tell you about it next week!)

  5. I had no thoughts for vacation, maybe a couple weeks of camping. Instead I took my family on a 2-month long, cross-country road trip.

  6. I have a dream of starting a refugee integration center here in the U.S., but had no plans to work on it last year. Fate had a different idea and a number of leads and wonderful conversations fell into my lap; as a result, writing the business plan for the center has made my 2020 list.

  7. I thought my son was going to jump on the opportunity to drive since he turned 16 in August. Instead he’s taking the laid back approach and still hasn’t gotten his driver’s permit.

  8. I thought my family was going to have a quiet, tradition-filled Christmas, per my daughter's request. Instead no one was in the mood and we were mostly business as usual through the holidays.

Even my New Year’s Resolution for 2019, which I thought would be easy to do, I completely failed at. I only make resolutions that are fun to keep… no kale smoothies or boot camp workouts for me come January 1st… so last New Year's Eve, with my siblings and mother, we decided to try one new cocktail a week and watch a 100 movies over the year. We only lasted 3-weeks. None of us really have an interest in alcohol and we’re all too busy to watch 2 movies a week. So even though it sounded fun, the reality was it felt more like a chore.

I’m sure there are a 1,000 more examples of things not going as expected, these are just the handful that came to mind.

So how about you? If twelve months ago you were predicting your year, how close would you have gotten? Here's hoping your 2020 is full of many wonderful surprises!!

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