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Are you willing to love anyway?

Congratulations on completing a wild ride around the sun. I was looking through the articles I wrote last year and my first one in January, 2020 was How Predictable Was Your Year? Ha! I don't need to ask that this year.

I love the New Year because, just like birthdays and other annual events, it's a natural opportunity to dream about what's possible next. In truth, my life is not different today than it was two weeks ago, the only thing that's changed is I've let my mind wander to what would be fun to create in 2021.

While I have a number of half-formed ideas, the one thing I'm sure of is I want to do more work in the humanitarian realm. I spent my 17th birthday in Bosnia during the Bosnian War. My trip to one of the refugee camps was life-changing and helping displaced persons is near and dear to my heart.

I've spent a portion of my holiday this past week researching what not-for-profits are doing and my favorite organization is still Preemptive Love. Their work on the ground in places like Syria, Venezuela, and Iraq, partnered with their message to love anyway, despite differences in culture, beliefs, and history, is profound.

So today I'm bringing you their short documentary: Love Anyway. I couldn't have written a message this moving, relevant, or timely. After a year where all our differences were highlighted and people were compelled to take sides on everything from racism to face masks, I can't think of a better message than to love anyway.

If you're at all like me, you'll see that this video is 36 minutes long and you'll move on; my limit is usually 10 minutes. Unlike so many other things out there you could be watching though, I think this video is worth the time. I invite you to make a cuppa whatever you like, get comfy, put on the film and reflect on the question, "Are you willing to love anyway?"

*Photo, Tibetan refugee center, by Claire Kelly

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