Want a program tailored specifically for you or your group?  No problem.  I can bring an IHEART training to your teen, or teen/parent group. 

What is IHEART?  It's a U.K. based not-for-profit who's cutting-edge curriculum helps our next generation thrive.  My only complaint is that this wasn’t around when I was in high school!

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Have something in mind that you don’t see here?  Maybe a company off-site, or team building ?  Want to introduce your friends or colleagues to something innovative and move them  quickly into the quiet space of unbridled inspiration?

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My initial enthusiasm for this course was only trumped by my enthusiasm for the 8 weeks of material, insights and beautiful people I had access to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed glimpsing some truths, letting them percolate, then recognizing them showing up at different times and the least expected moments. I’ve felt a renewed sense of curiosity for life, and have discovered more patience while journeying on my personal path. What a feeling of peace to know that we can access wisdom and insight always, as these are the building blocks of our cellular make-up.

And who better to be out there, engaging with others and sharing these insights than Christine and Sharon! It’s evident how happily and deftly they embody their role as guides in this life-long exploration. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their words and metaphors beautiful. If you have an opportunity to connect with these ladies, don’t think, just do!
— Megan K., Massachusetts (attendee of Living Your Full Color Life, online course)
I immensely enjoyed our Martha’s Vineyard team training facilitated by Sharon Stimling, Christine Higgins, and Rudi Kennard. It gave me and my colleagues a rare opportunity to step back and explore concepts that are intuitive, inherently reassuring, and hard to lend language to, but key to both our individual and organizational effectiveness as a non-profit - emotional resilience and recovery, enhanced empathy and understanding, mental space and clarity.

It was an opportunity to have meaningful and deep conversation and to help us get “back to basics” on our shared intent and purpose.

Since the training, we’ve been better able to support each other’s efforts daily, and have experienced an enhanced capacity for effective long-term goal setting, prioritization, and problem solving. Undoubtedly, our team has internalized a much more optimistic, solutions-outcome approach that has already expanded our collaboration and productivity.

I’d recommend this training for any organization that is seeking an opportunity to recenter, refocus, or identify core strengths and goals, as well as organizations seeking durable internal improvement in workplace skills like interpersonal communication and team building.
— Catrina Rorke, Senior Advisor, DEPLOY/US
I had the opportunity to provide a seminar with Christine Higgins in Hartford CT. I loved working with Christine! Her generosity of spirit and upbeat, positive state of mind, as well as her dedication to sharing the Principles helped create a successful seminar. I would recommend her as a coach, speaker, and presenter for any group!
— Lori Carpenos, LMFT