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Ease of Transformation: Dissolving Patterns into Potential

  • Vineyard Haven, MA (map)

Have a persistent habit, big or small, that just won’t leave you alone?

Want to be free to finally reach your goals and live the life you know deep down is yours?

Are you ready for a relaxing vacation where you'll learn how to dissolve habits that have a grip on you?  (And yes, retain it long after you return home!)

Most of us are taught that:

  • Change is hard;
  • Habits take months to unlearn;
  • And peace needs to be practiced. A lot. 

But what if you are perfectly designed for change, and there is an innate process that you don't have to manage — one that brings you naturally to your zone, and guides you efficiently to clarity, wisdom, and confidence. 

Fortune 500 companies, schools, communities, couples and individuals from all walks of life are discovering the vast benefits of this internationally acclaimed work, which illuminates a markedly different understanding of the mechanics of change, growth and human performance.

Is This For You? 

Do you want to...

  • Walk into work cool and confident?
  • Have creativity flowing through you?
  • Be the person others seek for advice?
  • Crush your next competition?
  • Be free from the trauma that's haunting you?
  • Consistently make choices you feel good about?
  • Know, with absolute certainty, that you are already good enough?

This retreat workshop is for you if you want to make changes in your life, with less time spent on changing and more time spent enjoying