Have you followed your inspiration lately?

We think that inspiration must be BIG, that it must march in on us with trumpets wailing and lightening flashing; that it must lead us to do great deeds which will be worthy of campfire legends.


But what if that’s not true? What if inspiration is always present and the only thing we have to do is tune in? What if it arrives as a whisper? What if it guides us to simple things like taking a break, or reminding us to call a friend?

What if inspiration is both the dandelion in the sidewalk and the 300 year old Sequoia? What if inspiration is both kissing a child’s paper cut and battling human trafficking? What if our lives are always inspired and we simply haven’t noticed?

How would today unfold if I listened to the whispers? How would today look if I let myself go with the flow? How would today feel if I let myself be led?

Maybe I’d be led to reply to emails, clean the bathroom, or have a difficult conversation. Maybe I’d be led to go for a walk, play the piano, or take a nap. Maybe I’d be led to make an appointment with my senator, apply for a million dollar grant, or buy a ticket to Afghanistan… anything’s possible... It’s only in my mind that some of those things look “more right” than others.

We are constantly confronted with limiting narratives. Such as cleaning the bathroom is more productive than taking a nap, or going for a walk is more pleasurable than replying to emails. Yet when we hold these narratives up to the light of day, we see that the only thing that makes any of it true, is our belief that it is so; that our view is absolute truth.

What would today look like if I questioned the narrative? If there was no absolute? What if my judgements were fluid?

What if any undertaking could, at any moment, feel inspired? What if I stopped trying to figure things out and let inspiration steer the ship? Would it wreck on the rocks?

My experience tells me “no.” My experience tells me that inspiration is a beautiful guide when I don’t judge it. If I don’t ask it to conform to anyone’s ideals. If I allow it to bubble up freely.

It’s not uncommon for me to talk to people who are struggling, only to find out they know in their heart exactly what to do, it just doesn’t fit with the narrative they have in place. It breaks their story of who they are, or how they should behave, or what they see as possible.

And sometimes we just get inspired and wanting confused. We think if we’re following our inspiration then every moment will be bliss and we’ll never run out of steam, never question ourselves, never feel unmotivated. On the contrary, inspiration is the deep undercurrent that pulls us through life. It’s the gentle voice that says, “you can.”

Are you ready to listen?