Who Are You Seeing?

Philosophers have been asking the question for years… when we look in the mirror, who are we seeing and who is doing the seeing?


In other words, what is our essence? Our consciousness? Our thinking mind?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of another and seen them without any labels, without any preconceived ideas, without judgement — simply seen their pure potential, the light of their soul?

When we see that light in another, we connect at a core level, at a consciousness held before distinction.

What if we could see our own light? What if we could hold ourselves with unconditional love? What if, stripped of our labels and identities, we could meet ourselves?

What if you are love and light beyond measure, and the only thing stopping you from knowing that is the way you're seeing? What if you chose to look again?

What lies beyond our labels is deeper.
What lies beyond our labels is magic.
What lies beyond our labels is more powerful than any label could ever be.
What lies beyond our labels is truth.

We think we are the waves, until we discover that we’re actually the ocean.

I love this metaphor, but it was only a concept to me until that moment of realization where it settled into my bones.

It was late at night, I’d been traveling and had just tucked into my hotel bed. I pulled the sheets up over my shoulders and closed my eyes. At first, the scratchy sheets, and the scent of old wall paper permeated with cigarette smoke, but now over sprayed with room freshener, filled my senses.

But then my mind relaxed and began wandering. It wandered to all the things I thought I was. It wandered into the waves. Each wave presented itself. At first, they were small waves, waves that quickly dissolved.

“I like cheese.
I like to dance.
I don’t like classical music.
I love chai.
I like my hair blonde.”

These little ripples came up, and then washed away back to the sea.

The next waves were bigger…

“I am a mother.

I love my children.

I am kind.

I am smart.

I am honest.”

But even these waves receded back into the sea, leaving the surface still.

The next waves were gigantic…

“I am a person.

I am unique.

I am separate.”

These waves were so huge they blocked me from seeing anything else. But then they too dissolved back into sea and as they did a sensation of warmth, of love, of connectedness washed over me.

It was the feeling I might get when looking into the eyes of another, but with that feeling directed at myself. Peace. No matter how much turbulence and crashing was happening on the surface, underneath it all, and at my core, was peace.

The comfort of it spread, like a blanket, from my toes, to my knees, to my heart, to my shoulders; I felt like an infant, swaddled and held close.

I sighed, and drifted off to sleep.