Why You Don't Know You're Beautiful, But I Do.

At a conference in 2014 I met a man who was once a professional basketball player.  I have never met anyone so tall before and at 6’2” with my shoes on, I’m not exactly petite myself.  While I never did ask his exact height, the top of my head came to his shoulder.


We spent some time chatting about the challenges of being taller than average…such as always having to stand at the back of a group and the expense of purchasing “specialty” sized clothing.  Then he made a comment that struck me, he said with disappointment and frustration in his voice, “I walk into a room and think, aw man, I’m the biggest guy here again.”  

I was surprised and a bit saddened by this, because I experienced him as a majestic sequoia tree.  There was such strength and power in his broad shoulders and muscular build and yet he moved with extreme grace and had a gentle touch.  It blew me away that he could experience himself as anything but divine.

My next thought was how boring the world would be if maples were the only type of tree, or tulips the only flower.  What if the world’s waters held only trout and the forests only deer?  Yet, as people, how many times have you heard someone wishing to be something different from what they are? 

I don’t think you will ever hear a sunflower asking to be a rose, a bunny pining to be a cat or a sequoia aching to be an oak.  The beauty of the world, of us all, lies in diversity. 

I hope, for just a moment, you can put aside your thoughts of being something other than what you are and in that pause let go of all the things you imagine you should be; then, even if it’s for only a split second, you can appreciate your uniqueness and experience your own beauty the way those who love you experience it.

For that is you...you are beauty, you are power, you are grace, you are love...you are divine.