You May Not Appreciate How Unique You Really Are

I was traveling alone in London, and had gone 36 hours without seeing a single face I recognized.  And while I might not have seen any familiar faces, London is not stingy with opportunities for people watching!  Along the Thames I watched thousands of faces and was awed by the sheer variety of people. 


There were people from all over the globe, in every shape, color, and size.  At first I noticed the big differences - those who looked like they were visiting, those who looked like they were late for work, those who had seen the London Eye a thousands times, and those who were gawking in wonder. 

There were Indian women who looked like they belonged on postcards in their gorgeous technicolor saris and golden chains connecting their nose rings to their ears.  Men turned out in tailored suits with perfectly trimmed hair and polished shoes.  Tourist families laden with souvenir balloons and brick-a-brac exhaustedly pushing little children in strollers.  Street vendors, and performers of every stripe. Art goers in their couture labels and coiffed hair strolling arm and arm, juxtaposed against the seemingly homeless man laying on a bench. 

And then there were the sounds and the smells.  Every which way I turned there were different languages being spoken.  Some in high pitched whines, and teeny giggles playing pleasantly if asynchronously against the deep baritones and rumbling laughs that make one smile even when not privy to the joke.  And all of these sights and sounds were coated by the scent of humanity.  From expensive perfumes to cheap colognes, body odor on some, and on others the scent of food that clings to a person after sitting in a cafe. 

While I was enjoying this veritable feast of the senses, it occurred to me that not only is each person their very own on the outside - the part that I could see, hear, and smell, but they were also completely unique on the inside.  Not just in their very own DNA cocktails, but what each was seeing and experiencing was completely different from what I was seeing and experiencing. 

We were all there, and yet if you’d asked one thousand of us about that day down by the Thames, you would have received a thousand different answers

Sometimes we go out of our way to do things for the sake of being “unique” or “different”, but the fact of the matter is, it’s quite impossible to be the same as anyone else - just as it’s impossible for two snowflakes to be exactly the same.  Even those who are twins will attest that they are NOT the same!

If we are innately unique then we don’t have to try so hard to prove ourselves, or to prove that we’re special.  We can look to who we are, cultivate our talents and pursue the things that bring us joy.  We can be ourselves and know we are giving the world something that no one else can.